Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Repairs to Ev4Excel.xla

Front-end Error: Repairs to Ev4Excel.xla

When you are executing the BPC Client frontend and the following error message is prompted:
Ev4Excel errorEv4Excel error

Uninstall BPC Client NW 7.0

BPC 7.0 MS,7.5 MS and BPC 7.0 NW client and BPC 7.5 NW client cannot be install on the same machine at the same time.
To uninstall the BPC Client, Go to Windows -> Control Panel

Select "Program and Features"
Windows Programs and FeaturesWindows Programs and Features

BPC Client setup NW 7.0

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You would need the following application to be installed for BPC font-end (Version 7.0 NW):-

Step 1: Install the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 part1 (RAR / 11MB)
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 part2 (RAR / 11MB)
XceedZip.dll (618KB)

Step 2: Install the BPC Client 7.0 NW
BPC Client 7.0 part1 (RAR / 10MB)
BPC Client 7.0 part2 (RAR / 10MB)
BPC Client 7.0 part3 (RAR / 10MB)
BPC Client 7.0 part4 (RAR / 7MB)

Step 3: BPC Client 8.0
BPC Client 8.0 part1 (RAR / 11MB)
BPC Client 8.0 part2 (RAR / 11MB)
BPC Client 8.0 part3 (RAR / 11MB)
BPC Client 8.0 part4 (RAR / 11MB)
BPC Client 8.0 part5 (RAR / 11MB)

Step 4: BPC Client 9.0
BPC Client 9.0 part1 (RAR / 10MB)
BPC Client 9.0 part2 (RAR / 10MB)
BPC Client 9.0 part3 (RAR / 10MB)
BPC Client 9.0 part4 (RAR / 7MB)

Step 5: BPC Client 10.0
BPC Client 10.0 part1 (RAR / 11MB)
BPC Client 10.0 part2 (RAR / 11MB)
BPC Client 10.0 part3 (RAR / 11MB)
BPC Client 10.0 part4 (RAR / 11MB)

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